by melissa davies


The latest surge of devices being placed into the hands of computer-savvy children in schools permits those in charge to think of a better way to safeguard them

The security world has recently been thrown into the spotlight with breaches, hacks and cyber threats surrounding well known organisations. This negative attention has highlighted the importance of implementing a security system that is reliable and strong enough to keep these issues at bay.


With this recent burst of hacks being widely reported to the public, organisations within many sectors have taken notice. This rise in media discussion surrounding the topic has scared some sectors, including education, into evaluating what happens if their security solutions are not up to scratch.

Is technology at the centre of Education?

Technology has become more established within Education, and the growth of wireless is driving the way schools operate. This development, centred around mobility, google apps and

e-learning, has pushed technology to revolutionise education in schools.


It is with this new mobile learning that social media and Bring Your Own Device has become more prevalent within education. The ability for staff to teach from wherever is suitable and students to learn on a variety of devices from any location has obvious positives. However, if the solutions are not well planned or implemented with careful considerations, there could be equal amounts of negatives.


Unfortunately, this computer-savvy generation have a hunger to break away from the rules and boundaries Schools have put in place. This means that IT security solutions need to be more extensive than just a list of blocked sites. This dated safety technique can aid in keeping kids from inappropriate web content, but, does not safeguard them against the cyber threats so often reported in the media today.


Can education keep up with the speed of technology?

The future of education in schools being around social media, BYOD and educational devices means the need for enterprise-class security solutions are a must-have. With the power of the internet being the core support for every student and teachers day, basic web filtering is no longer protecting against intelligent cyber attackers.

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