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Medical Tracker is the latest solution to join the Exceedia suite of software purely for education. Designed to provide schools with a simple way to manage first aid and medication online, Medical tracker provides reports and analytics on first aid, care plans and medication.


The software helps schools and parents to manage student health care by providing a transparent interface that notifies parents when a child requires first aid, or has had medication administered. Medical Tracker fully integrates with SIMS, meaning that you can be sure your data is being stored securely and consistently.


Medical tracker can help your school adhere to Department for Education healthcare guidelines by clearly recording first aid incidents and medication usage, whilst tracking historical data and providing insightful and easy-to-use reports, so that parents and staff members alike know that a pupil is being treated safely and promptly.





anywhere, any place, anytime

Manage healthcare on the go


The Medical Tracker app records first aid incidents, notifies parents, creates care plans and more, no matter where you are.


Going on a school trip?


Risk assessments for school trips can be planned in minutes, resulting in safer and more enjoyable school trips.


Send instant notifications


Send instant notifications to parents, nurses, H & S Officers and other staff members as soon as an incident has occurred.


popular features:

Parent Engagement: Send customisable email and letter notifications to pupils guardians, keeping them up to date with their childs health at all times.

In-depth reporting: Medical Tracker's intuitive reporting gives fast, in-depth analytics to be viewed and shared in real-time.

Go Mobile: Medical tracker is a flexible solution that works with iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, perfect while you're on the move.

Manage user access: Control exactly who within your school can access different modules and tools with a easy to use user permission system.


the perfect solution for sims

Medical Tracker is the perfect solution to securely and smoothly connect with your SIMS account. This automatic connection will happen every 24 hours and takes just 10 minutes to set up.




To download the full Media Tracker guide including fact sheet, screen shots, Q&A and case study, simply click the link below.


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